Submissive Networking Vs. Misogyny in the Escort Industry

How socially connected is your submission? Do you look for others to talk to about your submission for support or networking?

Ever since I started exploring this adult industry, I have noticed a positive correlation between submissive providers and Misogyny (the hatred of/ or prejudice against women). I've been in this industry for 6 months and have only met two other submissive providers like me. Even though there is an estimated 1 million female escorts in the U.S., we are wary of connecting each other.

Misogyny is manifest in this industry in numerous ways. Some examples include social exclusion, patriarchy, and the belittling of women. This industry has definitely changed the social connectivity of my submission. I am now constantly looking for others to talk to about my submission for support, but can only find more evidence to support the fact that our own submission is negatively affecting our relationships with each other.

Our submission leads us to find more powerful, and controlling patriarchs who start our misogynyst idealations by manipulating and belittling us. That is the negative cycle I've seen throughout this entire industry! This cycle is what ultimately leads to the disconnection between submissive providers.

I strongly believe that there is a reason why I have only been capable of meeting two other submissive providers within a time period of 6 months. I knew there was when both of them displayed forms of misogyny towards me! Was it a coincidence that the only two 'submissive' providers I met were both affected by misogynyst ideals?

For example, the first submissive provider I met was clearly being emotionally controlled by a patriarch who was manipulating her. The manipulations ran so deep and affected her so much that she thought it was healthy to be abused by her patriarch. In other words, she accepted this form of misogyny from her patriarch because of her submissiveness. Her acceptance of misogyny then lead to her forming her own ideals of misogyny, which is why she never spoke to me again...

How socially connected is your submission? Do you look for others to talk to about your submission for support or networking?


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