My First Time With A Couple


It was just a couple of years ago, before escorting, that I started exploring my sexuality. I was starting my first semester at a four-year university and had recently broke an engagement to my boyfriend of six years, so I was emotionally manic and sexually deprived. This special circumstance led me to meet and have sex with a couple for the first time and skyrocketed the beginning of my sexual exploration journey. I mean, I’ve had plenty of random drunk threesome hookups, but never with a couple. This was the most amazing threesome experience I’ve ever had, and I cherish it as a very significant influence on my current sexuality.

The Beginning, Meeting Online

Because I had recently broke up with my fiancé, I wasn’t even interested in looking for another male partner right away, but I was lonely and already hypersexual. I was also bisexual, so I decided to pursue a relationship with another female, considering I’ve had several positive lesbian relationships in my past. I never tried searching for a girl online before, so I randomly chose POF. I forgot who reached out to who first, but I still remember falling for my first POF match. She was white and petite like me but had long dark brown straight hair. (All of the girls I’ve ever been with have been brunettes with pierced nipples for some reason) Anyway, my match on POF was incredibly sexy to me. And we were having good, and sometimes dirty, conversations for like a week. After a week, I was dying to meet her and started pushing the issue. And she responded in a way that I had never encountered, and it sparked my curiosity. When I asked to meet, she said I would have to get permission from “Daddy” first. Sexually determined to sleep with this chick, I asked who “Daddy” was, and started chatting with a fit good-looking man who looked older than both of us. (This experience is also the start of my BDSM exploration because I had not even heard of BDSM until I met this couple.) Anyway, “Daddy” explained to me that he was in a BDSM relationship with the girl I wanted to hook up with, and that he was her ‘dominant’. He also explained that she is very dominant herself and was looking to dominate another female. He said that I could hook up with her, but he needed to be there because she was already sexually dominated by him, and he was giving her special permission to have sex with someone else, even if it was with another female. They were both very strict with these rules and relationship dynamics, and it turned me on so much, especially because I had never encountered it before. I explained to both of them that I was only interested in hooking up with her, but I didn't care if he watched. So, after chatting with both of them separately for another week, we all agreed to the rules and conditions of our meeting, and the three of us set up a night to finally meet. After talking to both of them separately for a while, I felt safe that they were two different people, and not just a creepy male trying to snatch me or something. So, I agreed to the meeting.

Meeting in Person

We planned our meeting a week in advance. It was understood that even though we had no interest in each other, “Daddy” was going to pick me up and give me a lift to the hotel because she would be coming directly from work to meet us there, hopefully at the same time. So, I naively agreed to meet “Daddy” first, and alone. I still remember what it felt like when he texted me that was at the address that I sent him to pick me up. I gave him the address of the movie theater that was just across the street from my house. After walking to the back-parking lot of the movie theater, a pick-up truck pulled up with a handsome man driving, but he was mostly covered by the shadows, so I wasn’t sure who it was. I just stood there staring that the shadowed driver in the middle of the dark parking lot. A man’s voice just said, “Get in.” I remember trying to ask if it was the right person, but I stuttered with nervousness. He just said it again, so I got in. I was pretty scared and ready to jump out of the car any minute. But he finally explained that he WAS “Daddy”, and yes, I got in the right car. I was a little relieved but unsure if this whole thing was a scam. But I was desperate to hook up with that girl, and nothing seemed unsafe yet, so I let him drive me to a hotel that was 15 minutes away. The drive there was completely silent, and I got more nervous by the minute. When we parked in a Marriot parking spot, I turned and saw a girl sitting in the next car smiling at me. It was her! It wasn’t a scam! I was so shocked and relieved and happy! All of us got out and I excitedly hugged my POF match that I had been dying to meet! She brought out a big duffle bag and then she led me by my hand until all of us got upstairs to the hotel room.

The Sex

I was just happy to finally meet her and as soon as the door locked, I went in to embrace her with a kiss, but she stopped me suddenly. Instead of greeting me at all, she looked me up and down with a smirk on her face and told me to turn around. I was extremely nervous and self-conscious, but I turned around until she said stop and my back was facing her. Suddenly her arms went around me, and she held me tightly while softly smelling my neck. I was immediately put into a trance-like state of mind. And then, without warning, she grabbed my pussy lips with her fingers and gripped them tightly. It completely shocked me! After examining me, she undressed me, and we took a shower together. The slippery, soapy fondling in the shower led to us making out on bed with me on top of her. I was so super horny and had been fantasizing about licking pussy for weeks so started moving down on her quickly. I gave her very traditional oral sex, but it was somehow like she was ‘above’ me; kind of judging me. After I was finished fulfilling my #1 sexual desire of the last few weeks, she went down on me. But it seemed different when she went down. She half played, half experimented with my pussy for a while. It was very fun for both of us. We took breaks from fucking each other with sensual make out sessions. It ended with us toying and fingering each other until we both had an orgasm. I think I might have had 3 orgasms though. Then “Daddy” took turns fucking both of us because the sexual tension was so incredible at this point, and I didn’t even care that he was another male, I just wanted to truly “get off”. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, so I went with the flow while we all took turns fucking each other. It felt amazing. It was the most incredible sexual connection I’ve had with two people at one time. Not only did I get to experience the best of both worlds, but I got to experience being dominated for the first time! I got to experience a sexual fantasy that I didn’t even know I wanted!


Unfortunately, it was just was one-night-stand… The couple and I stayed in contact for a few days afterwards, but eventually stopped talking because we didn’t want the same things at the time. But I learned more about what BDSM really is by observing their relationship and how they interacted with each other. I learned that her “Master” was so much more than someone who always made the decisions in the relationship. He made her happy, and you could see that it was a form of happiness that was impossible to take away. She honestly trusted him and did whatever he told her without hesitating. That was my first real BDSM experience. And it was so amazing that I had to research and learn more about M/s relationships.


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