Conspiracy Explained: Rejecting African American Hobbyists

The rejection of African American clients is well-known in the sex work industry. In fact, it’s become so important that veteran escorts are now actively advising newbies to strictly “stay away from young, black males”. Being a newbie myself, I have heard this from every girl I’ve ever met. But also like a newbie, I did not take their warnings seriously and I thought that my open-mindedness could overcome such simple racism. But I was wrong. I reject AA clients because this industry is already too dangerous, they have a scary reputation, and because of my own bad experiences with AA clients. I’ve had 3 significant experiences with AA hobbyists throughout my career that are now responsible for my firm rejection of all AA clients. That’s right, it only took 3 men to completely ruin it for all possible AA hobbyists, and I’m sincerely sorry.

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