10 Things Every Slave Needs From A Master

Updated: Mar 28

1. Time.

I think that time is the most important because of how vital it is for the overall health of the relationship. There are MANY different types of slaves and they are all different, but I think that every slave desires time from their Master. And its essential for a Master to provide the proper amount of time for their slave, otherwise, I don’t believe you’re really looking for a slave. A slave requires love and mentor-ship while a Master requires obedience and trust. All of these things take time to develop.

2. Goals.

Almost the entire point of being a slave is being goal-oriented. Slaves need goals in order to measure their progress while following their Master’s guidance. Masters should clearly explain their goals so that slaves have a way to comprehend the plans that the Master has for their growth and development. A slave without goals has no direction to go in and will become lost and uncertain of their purpose. I mean, how can a Master lead a slave without any goals?

3. Correction.

This probably goes without saying it, but it is essential that Masters correct their slaves when they make mistakes! Without the correction from a Master, slaves could start to develop bad habits. Some habits can be hard to break and/or could do great damage to any M/s relationship. Being corrected makes a slave feel secure in knowing that their Master will never be afraid to take the necessary steps needed in keeping them focused on their goals. Without the correction from a Master, slaves may have never known that they had even made a mistake, will continue doing that mistake, which will ultimately lead to their failure as a slave.

4. Clearly defined limits.

I think that every Master should have some kind of clear limits in order for their slave to know what is expected of them. Even Masters that prefer to have absolutely no limits with their slaves need to have some sort of limits or parameters to guide the relationship. Masters also need to reinforce their limits by correcting their slaves when they try to overstep them without approval. “In some ways, I am like a child that needs a fence around my play area so I know how far I can go and feel secure inside those limits.”

5. Consistency/Stability.

A slave needs a consistent Master. A Master who consistently communicates, nurtures and corrects them. “Slaves would like to know that their Master's rules for today will apply to tomorrow’s behavior.” Nothing is more confusing than giving mixed signals by allowing rules to be broken that were specifically given for a reason. From time to time slaves may test their Masters to see if they are capable of full control. Slaves may also test their Masters to see if they are able to continuously lead them back to the path that their Master had chosen for them.

6. Limit-testing.

Slaves are slaves-they need to be controlled. They need to be pushed in order to go beyond the places they’ve ever been. Masters need to challenge their slaves so that they can grow. Slaves that are left alone will become bored and the entire M/s relationship could crumble from the slave becoming bored of the boundaries that they agreed to in the first place, causing them to go beyond these boundaries set for them, and thus, ending the ownership of full control.

7. Acceptance.

Every Master should accept their slave for who they are and who/what they want to be. Slaves deeply desire their Master’s acceptance. A Master can give their slave a real feeling of their acceptance by providing their slave with hope, reassurance, and encouragement, thus establishing an M/s relationship based on the slave’s willful surrender of control to their Master. A Master that accepts a slave as their property also accepts the responsibility of training them. If the Master is unable or unwilling to accept their slave on a 24/7 basis, then they have no reason to even start ownership. That Master would then do more harm than good to the slave.

8. Approval/Reassurance.

Slaves need their Masters to approve of them or the things they have done in order for them to feel that they truly belong to their Master. Slaves will constantly seek their Master’s approval when they are unsure of themselves. Slaves also deeply rely on their Master’s support and reassurance when they are confused about a situation or apprehensive about a new challenge. A slave hates disappointing their Master and always fears rejection. Masters can help their slaves by reassuring them that all of their feelings are valid.

9. Mentorship.

A Master’s experienced guidance is essential in gaining full control of their slave and reinforces the strength of their ownership. Slaves should be able to get advice, receive suggestions, learn from, and feel close to their Masters. A Master can be a great mentor to their slave by teaching them to learn things for themselves and guiding them into the Master’s own experiences so that they can be a mentor later on if they choose to be.

10. Aftercare.

Even though it is last on this list, aftercare is extremely important in an M/s relationship. Aftercare is generally understood as a set of actions that the Master should do for their slave after a session. There are a lot of emotions involved in submitting to someone, handing over total control. Masters need to baby their slaves. Slaves aren’t just there to do the housework, tend to their Master’s needs, and hand out sexual favors. There may be a lot of times when slaves want to be used, made to feel like a prized possession, be controlled, and dominated, but slaves also want to feel like their Master respects them. Slaves need to know that their Masters will take care of them, both emotionally and physically, because how else can slaves trust their Masters enough to just hand over the reigns and ‘do as they are told’?


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