10 Advantages of Providing as A Duo

Updated: Mar 28

I’ve always been extremely interested in polyamorous relationships and threesomes, even though I never directly related them to my life. I don’t consider the many threesomes I’ve experienced as significant because they were just one-time encounters. However, since I joined this industry 6 months ago, I’ve found a way to relate poly-relationships to my life. The concepts of a real poly-relationship are what interests me, so I fantasized about what the advantages of being in such a relationship would be for me. I believe that the advantages and disadvantages of providing as a duo are different for everyone and depend greatly on the values of all the individuals involved. So, just to add some information, I created list of advantages that is in no particular order.

1. Service Expansion:

Companies that offer a variety of services will obviously attract more business by appealing to different groups of clients who desire different things. Do you offer extra services that are popular to a specific niche in the industry? If so, great! But you are limited to a smaller market which lowers the demand of your services. Two providers within different niches can consolidate their services to independently appeal to both niches! Furthermore, the provider duo will also appeal to a third market of clients who desire duo services. Providers who duo can potentially triple their service options and appeal to different groups of clients while increasing the demand for their independent services.

2. Increase Clientele:

The number of clients is extremely limited for single providers, considering all the potential clients that single providers either cannot contact or don’t appeal to. Two providers working together may share their client lists and automatically double their number of clients! The opportunity to increase your profits with more clients is an extreme advantage to explore with another provider.

3. Reduced Workload:

It’s easy to get exhausted as a single provider, especially during those longer appointments. It is way less stressful to share the amount of work AND reduce your amount of effort simply working with another provider. If the two providers offer different services, they may be able to take turns performing one service at a time, giving each other time to rest. Even though threesomes are the most demanded service, some clients prefer a duo with bisexual females, so they can watch them kiss and play before the threesome.

4. Better Reputation:

Link exchanges with other providers or websites are helpful but working with another provider as a duo is even better! It is guaranteed that both providers will independently gain more attention by offering a service that is very high in demand. Their duo partnership will also gain a reputation of its own, complimenting both providers’ independent reputations. Double the publicity is sure to bring you more attention, thus increasing your clientele and income.

5. Personal Support:

Single providers can easily get depressed or stressed out during the loneliest times. And you most likely cannot vent to the people in your personal life because they either don’t understand your profession, don’t approve of it, or don’t even know about it! The only person who truly understands your feelings as a provider, is another provider. Being able to release your true thoughts and feelings to someone who understands is so relieving. This may form a special and unique bond between the two providers, which will keep them motivated during hard times.


6. No Monotony:

7. Improve Wisdom:

8. More Self-Aware:

9. Higher Security:

10. Higher Income




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